Toll House Pan Cookies

Tonight’s dinner was beans and weiners, with pan fried mushrooms and asparagus on the side. Because the dinner was so easy to make, the substitute chef decided to make chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Since the dinner theme was “Easy Cooking”, we opted for pan cookies, instead of drop cookies. It’s much easier to mix the dough, spread it in a baking pan, and bake one thing, than to drop and bake several batches of regular cookies.

The starting point was the Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Pan Cookie recipe. Instead of butter, we used 3/4 cup canola oil, the nuts were omitted, and instead of chocolate chips, we used carob chips. Why? Because that’s what was in the cupboard.

They were a bit chewy, since our pan was slightly smaller than 15×10, but still delicious. Half the batch went into the freezer, to be enjoyed later.

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