Roast Chicken and Potatoes

Today the chef brought home a couple of chickens, which the sous chef roasted for dinner. They were only about three pounds each, so that will give us enough for a couple of lunches and leftover dinners. On the side we had microwaved potato and wax beans.

To prepare them, I removed the giblets and other goodies from inside the chickens, then rinsed and patted them dry. I used a paring knife to puncture a couple of limes a few times, and stuffed a lime into each chicken. This adds a bit of flavour, and some juiciness to the meat.

Then I put them breast down in a shallow pan, and roasted them for about 1½ hours, at 325°F. They turned out great, and we won’t have to cook tomorrow night. This is a picture of someone else’s chicken, but ours looked similar, except for the noodley things and olives.

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