Perogies and Cabbage Rolls

For supper tonight we enjoyed a feast of Ukrainian perogies and cabbage rolls, thanks to my friend Mary, and her mom. They made these for their Christmas Eve celebration, a couple of days ago, and we were lucky that there were a few left to share. Thanks Mary! We really enjoyed the meal.

Some of the perogies were filled with sauerkraut, and others had a cheese filling. I was a little wary of the sauerkraut, since I hadn’t tried it before, but both types tasted great. They melted in your mouth and were absolutely delicious.


The cabbage rolls were great too — with rice and cabbage filling (I think), and a tomato sauce coating.


As you can see below, I left a bit of space on my plate, in case I decided to have some salad, but the perogies and cabbage rolls were so filling that I didn’t have room for lettuce!


Mary’s recipes are a family secret, but we’ll make our Cabbage Roll Stir Fry next week. It isn’t quite as tasty as the authentic cabbage rolls, but it’s a quick and hearty winter meal.

And we have a couple of quick and easy perogy recipes too:


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