Fresh Meals From Nutrition In Motion

Last weekend, Sarah entered a Mother’s Day contest on Facebook and won a prize for me! It’s four days of healthy meals, from Nutrition in Motion, delivered to the door, and ready to eat. All it takes is a bit of microwaving, to reheat some of the dishes.

The food arrives in a cooler overnight, with two days’ meals carefully packed inside. Each day, you get 3 meals, 2 snacks and a dessert. Ahead of time, you can log in to the website, and select either the default meals, or other options for each meal/snack/dessert.

Wednesday night, I checked the porch about midnight, and there it was! A big black cooler, with a pouch on top that had a list of the food packed inside.


I cut open the seal, and peeked inside. There was my food for Thursday and Friday, neatly packed and carefully labeled.


Day 1 Meals

Before putting it into the fridge, I took a picture so you can see what’s on the menu for each day. Here’s the food for Day 1. The containers are all labeled, and are microwaveable and recyclable.


Day 2 Meals

The food for Day 2 looks good too. Nice sized portions, and tasty looking.


Day 1 Breakfast

It didn’t seem fair to eat all this good stuff by myself, so I offered to share the bounty with the chef. The Day 1 breakfast was an enchilada.


I’m not too fond of green peppers, so I gave that to the chef. He ate half, and saved the other half for tomorrow’s breakfast. He said it was very good, and a bit spicy, which he enjoyed.

For my breakfast, I ate the Day 2 breakfast – a popover with strawberry preserves.


It was very tasty, with just the right level of sweetness, and nice and dense. The preserves finished it off nicely. I ate the whole thing, so I’ll just have toast or yoghurt tomorrow morning.

Day 1 Lunch

I had to visit a client on Thursday, and eat at a desk, so I decided to take the morning snacks for Day 1 (cherry tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and oregano),


and Day 2 (turkey wrapped broccoli).


That was an excellent plan, except that I forgot to take them with me. So, I ate when I got home, and lunch was a bit late (about 2 PM), but very good. The broccoli was a bit droopy, so I passed on that, but everything else was great.

Day 1 Afternoon Snack

The afternoon snack was very pretty, and delicious – chocolate dipped apricots with pistachio. There were five in the bag, but only two of them wanted to pose for this picture.


Day 1 Dinner

The chef made a tossed salad, then we split the Barbequed Steak with Garlic Lemon Roasted Vegetables. I forgot to take a picture on the plate, so here’s the boxed dinner.


Day 1 Dessert

We even shared the dessert – a small piece of vanilla fudge. No picture of that either, because I was too eager to eat it.


Day 1 Summary

Well, we didn’t exactly follow the menu that came with the food, but everything was very good, and two people enjoyed a day of healthy, prepared meals.

We’re looking forward to Day 2. Thanks Nutrition in Motion!


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