Nutrition in Motion – Day 2

This was our second day of free meals from Nutrition in Motion, a prize that Sarah won for me in a Mother’s Day contest on Facebook.

Day 2 Breakfast

The chef finished the rest of the enchilada, that he’d saved from Day 1. I hadn’t been so resourceful, and ate all my breakfast yesterday, so I had toast and yoghurt.

Day 2 Lunch

One of the packages had a lovely vegetable wrap, that was very generous in size, so we shared that for lunch.


It was a spinach tortilla, with cream cheese and vegetable filling. The wrap was visually appealing, and tasted as good as it looked. And it was filling too.

Day 2 Snacks

By late afternoon we were a bit hungry again, and shared the snacks. The chef loved the Cajun spiced pistachios.


I finished the rest of the chocolate dipped apricots, that I’d started yesterday.

Day 2 Dinner

We still had an Asian Beef salad, and the chef called dibs on that. It was a huge serving with a nice mixture of lettuce, some water chestnuts, red peppers and a generous helping of seasoned beef.


I had the Honey Mustard Chicken, with baby bok choy, and tiny red potatoes. Well, I thought they were red potatoes. Wrong! If I’d read the label, I would have known that they were radishes. I’ve never eaten a cooked radish (that I know of), and was pleasantly surprised. They were quite mild, not sharp like a raw radish can be. All the flavours blended nicely, and it was an excellent dinner.


Day 2 Dessert

Yes, there was even some dessert – an egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free cake. Hmmm…that didn’t sound too exciting, so we opened up the little dish.


Well, it looked better than its description, and had the taste and texture of a brownie. Very nice, and a good ending to the meal.

More Tomorrow

Another cooler loaded with food should arrive overnight, with our meals for the next two days. I hope the chef doesn’t get too spoiled by all this pampering!


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