Nutrition in Motion — Day 3

Today was our third day of being pampered with delicious meals delivered by Nutrition in Motion.

Breakfast Day 3

The chef was out for an early golf game, so I enjoyed the blueberry filled French toast, with strawberry slices and maple syrup. This might have been my favourite dish so far. Too bad there was nobody here to share a bite.


Lunch Day 3

The chef was still out at lunch time, so I ate half of the Greek chicken in a whole wheat pita. It was very tasty, with generous amounts of chicken, hummus, cucumber chunks and lettuce.


Afternoon Snack Day 3

Finally, the chef showed up, just in time for afternoon snacks. I ate the the little dish of spicy baked pumpkin seeds (oops, no picture), and the chef enjoyed the organic pistachios. He says they were good, but not quite as tasty as the Cajun spiced pistachios from yesterday.


Dinner Day 3

For dinner, I had the chicken fingers and creamed spinach. The chef said that I could have all the spinach to myself – very generous of him! There was a bit of barbeque sauce for dipping the chicken, and it was a very flavourful dinner. Spinach isn’t my favourite vegetable, but I ate most of it, and thought it was quite good (well, for spinach).


The chef ate the Day 4 dinner, of steamed cod and vegetables. One of the pieces wasn’t quite cooked, so I guess we didn’t leave it in the microwave long enough. I’m pretty sure that he ate all the vegetables though. 😉


Dessert Day 3

To end our third day of food, we each had one of the soft oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They were very good, and tasted home made.


Thanks Nutrition in Motion, for another great day of food, and thanks Sarah, for winning the prize!


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