Nutrition in Motion – Day 4

Alas, it’s our last day of meals from Nutrition in Motion. We really enjoyed them, and the only suggestion for improvement would be to include reheating tips with the meals. Other than that, everything was perfect.

Day 4 Breakfast

We shared the Day 4 breakfast – the chef enjoyed the frittata and I had the bagel.

Here’s the frittata before heating.


And here it is with the cheese melted after heating. The chef said it was really good, and he ate every bite.


The bagel was good too, with Becel margarine and strawberry preserves.


Day 4 Lunch

For lunch I finished the Greek pita wrap from Day 3, and a tasty fruit salad.


Day 4 Snack

Our last snack was elegant and tasty – asparagus wrapped with smoked salmon.


Day 4 Dinner

We ate the Day 4 dinner yesterday, so the chef whipped up a little dinner for us, the old fashioned way. We still had dessert though – Risotto Creme. We shared that, with some sliced strawberries, and it was a great end to the day.


Day 5 Lunch

There’s one thing left in the fridge, and that’s a container of Turkey Tomato soup. It will be my lunch tomorrow, while the chef is out golfing.


Thanks Nutrition in Motion, it was great food, and we really enjoyed the pampering.


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