Lunch at Eddies Wok n Roll

On Sunday, we planned to go to the CN Tower in Toronto for a fancy lunch. Unfortunately, the skies were overcast, so we decided to postpone to a sunnier Sunday. There’s no point in paying extra for scenery that you can’t see through the drizzle.

As an alternative, we picked a restaurant closer to home — Eddie’s Wok ‘n’ Roll. We’d never been there, and it’s only a few minutes away, at Millcreek and Erin Mills, here in Mississauga. The website and restaurant sign advertised Indian Style Hakka Chinese Food and Thai cuisine.

The resident history and geography expert says that the Hakka people are from southeastern China. That’s the opposite side of the country from India, so I’m not sure where the "Indian Style" comes from.


The Atmosphere

The restaurant looked okay, so picked a table a little distance from the front door. The room was quiet at first, but was fairly busy when we left. About 95% of the diners appeared to be of Indian origin, so they must like this style of Chinese food, and we took that as a good sign.

The tables had tablecloths and glass toppers, with cafeteria style dinnerware and cutlery, with paper napkins. So, it was fancier than a diner, but not too upscale. There was one giant painting, and not much else to look at.

Rating: 2 out of 5

The Service

Without a word, our waiter filled our water glasses as soon as we sat down, and handed us each a menu. He reappeared a few minutes later, and mumbled, "Ready to order?" but didn’t seem too interested in us. We asked a couple of questions about the menu, which he answered succinctly, then took our order.

The lady who brought the condiments to the table was the most talkative and friendliest person that we encountered. The wait staff weren’t rude, but not very welcoming.

Rating: 2 out of 5

The Food

We each ordered a spring roll, and our main dishes were lemon chicken and beef fried rice. My spring roll had chicken, with a spicy curry flavour. Not bad, but I’ve had many spring rolls that I liked better.

The beef fried rice was okay, and the serving was certainly a generous size. The flavour was a bit bland though, and on the greasy side, and the beef was chewy.

The lemon chicken had a good proportion of chicken to batter coating, with very tender breast meat inside. However, the lemon sauce was poured over the chicken before it was brought to the table, so it was soggier than I’d like.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Overall Rating

The overall rating is 2 out of 5. The lunch wasn’t horrible, but nothing I’d recommend to others, and I wouldn’t go back for another meal.


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