Weekly Meal Plan 20160528

Summer has arrived, and we’ve had a week of hot weather, with another week of the same in the forecast. Nobody wants to stand over a hot stove and cook supper, so we’ll try to keep things simple.

We’ll have barbecued steaks tomorrow night, and most of the other meals could be barbequed or cooked indoors. We’ll see how it goes!

Today I chopped down most of the rhubarb, and cooked it in the InstaPot, with some sugar, and a bit of water. After it cooked for 10 minutes, and rested for another 10 minutes to release the pressure, I stirred in a couple of cups of chopped strawberries. We’ll try that for dessert tomorrow night.

You can see the rhubarb plant and yield in the pictures below.

The Weekly Plan

Here is our plan for the week starting Sunday, May 29, 2016. There are links for some recipes, and others are made “freestyle”.

Sunday – Rib-eye Steak

Monday — Quesadillas

Tuesday — Sole, baked

Wednesday – Durkee’s Chicken Thighs

Thursday — Ham Steak

Friday — Lamb Chops

Saturday — Burgers

How It Actually Went

Here’s what we actually had this week (to be updated later).

Sunday — Cheese & Crackers – our pre-dinner snack turned into a meal!

Monday — Ribeye Steak – we moved this from Sunday night

Tuesday – Quesadillas – the Sole got bumped (again!)

Wednesday — Ham Steak – we switched the Wednesday and Thursday meals

Thursday Durkees Chicken Thighs – easy and delicious, as always

Friday — Lamb Chops – marinated in Dijon mustard and oil, then grilled

Saturday — Shepherd’s pie – Keith concocted his own recipe, and made enough to freeze for another meal later. Now we just have to remember that it’s in the freezer!


Here’s the rhubarb plant, before the harvest.


Here are the rhubarb stalks, after the leaves were trimmed. They weighed about 1.75 pounds, so I used about 3/4 cup of sugar when I cooked them.


Here’s the chopped rhubarb, in the InstaPot, ready for the pressure cooking.


And here is the mixture, just after I added the strawberries. It doesn’t look too appetizing, so I hope it tastes better than it looks!

If it’s okay, we’ll eat a bit, then freeze the rest in small portions.



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