Weekly Meal Plan 20160604

This week, we’ll start off with “breakfast for supper”, because who doesn’t love that? I’ll have peameal bacon, and Keith will have sausages too. If we put a spinach salad on the plate, it will look healthier!

I added a couple of new recipes to the rotation this week – the pork chops and the salmon. The last pork chops that I cooked turned out a bit dry, so maybe this brining method will help. The salmon recipe sounds delicious, and super easy to make. I hope we can actually cook the fish dish this time, instead of bumping it off the menu!

If either of those dishes turn out well, I’ll add a picture here later.

The Weekly Plan

Here is our plan for the week starting Sunday, Jun 05, 2016. There are links for some recipes, and others are made “freestyle”.

Sunday – Pea meal Bacon

Monday Ground Beef and Potato Scallop

Tuesday Cranberry Chicken Breasts With Mushrooms

Wednesday Salmon Roasted in Herb Butter

Thursday Ultimate Grilled Pork Chops

Friday — Tortellini

Saturday — Beef Tenderloin

How It Actually Went

Here’s what we actually had this week. There was lots of the Ground Beef and Potato Scallop, so we had it two nights in a row. We settled for sandwiches on Wednesday, and moved the Salmon to Thursday. Keith got everything ready, and I cooked it – it was delicious!

Our grandson was here on Friday and Saturday nights, so we switched things around to have meals that he would enjoy.

Sunday — Peameal Bacon

Monday Ground Beef and Potato Scallop

Tuesday Ground Beef and Potato Scallop

Wednesday — Sandwiches

Thursday Salmon Roasted in Herb Butter – delicious!

Friday – Pizza (yes, we heated up a frozen pizza)

Saturday – Burgers on the grill



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