Weekly Meal Plan 20160917

Last week, we signed up for fitness memberships at our newly-reopened Community Centre (I know, I’m shocked too!). The library is in the same building, so we stopped in there yesterday, and I got a Canadian cookbook, True North, to look for new recipes.

The cookbook is beautiful (cover shown below), but it’s way beyond my skill level and/or the effort I’m willing to put in for a weeknight supper. At first, the Trout Amandine recipe looked do-able, but then I noticed that the ingredients included over a cup of butter! So, no. We’ll have a simple salmon dish instead.

The Weekly Plan

Here is our plan for the week starting Sunday, Sep 18, 2016. There are links for some recipes, and others are made “freestyle”.

Sunday Ham and Pasta Skillet

Monday Salisbury Steak

Tuesday Apple Harvest Chicken

Wednesday Lemony Salmon with Pesto Cauliflower Mash

Thursday Pork, Maple-Glazed with Roasted Vegetables

Friday — Beans & Wieners

Saturday — Ravioli

How It Actually Went

Here’s what we actually had this week. As you can see, we went way off track. We went out for lunch on Sunday, so we weren’t too hungry at supper time. On Monday, we had pizza (I can’t remember the excuse!), and the Salisbury Steak and chicken were bumped down a day.

The chicken was delicious though, and I’ll definitely make that again. I used chicken thighs, instead of breasts, and they were perfect. After that, we had Chinese takeout (tasty but very bad for our diet!), then burgers and steak. Maybe we’ll do better next week!

Sunday — Cheese & Crackers

Monday — Pizza

Tuesday – Salisbury Steak

Wednesday Apple Harvest Chicken

Thursday — Chinese Food

Friday — Burgers

Saturday — Ribeye steak


Here’s the beautiful True North cookbook. Fun to read, but I didn’t see any recipes that I’m willing to try.



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