Weekly Meal Plan 20170603

There’s nothing new on this week’s meal plan, but I picked a few dishes that we haven’t had for a while. For example, the Cornmeal Chicken hasn’t been on the menu since November, but we’ve had a panko version of it more recently.

It’s been a couple of months since we had the Upside Down Shepherd’s Pie, and over a month for roasted chicken and Peameal bacon. So, we’ll see how it goes!

The Weekly Plan

Here is our plan for the week starting Sunday, Jun 04, 2017. There are links for some recipes, and others are made “freestyle”.

Sunday — Chicken, roasted

Monday Upside Down Shepherd’s Pie (picture below)

Tuesday — Ravioli Puttanesca

Wednesday — Quesadillas

Thursday Pork Tenderloin With Mustard Glaze

Friday Cornmeal Chicken with Peach Salsa

Saturday — Peameal Bacon

How It Actually Went

Here’s what we actually had this week. I roasted a chicken on Sunday, stuffed with an orange wedge, and it was delicious. I made gravy from the pan drippings too, and we enjoyed the leftovers in hot sandwiches on Monday.

On Tuesday, I made the Upside Down Shepherd’s Pie, which turned out very well. I’ve added the recipe to our blog now, with the adjustments that we’ve made to the ingredients.

On Thursday, Keith went to Costco, and got some barbequed ribs, so we had those for supper. Tasty, and easy to make! My contribution was some black pepper coleslaw.

And on Friday, Keith had a craving for rack of lamb, so he found some, marinated them in an oil and Dijon mustard mixture, and grilled them. Yummy!

Sunday — Chicken, roasted

Monday — Chicken, roasted

Tuesday Upside Down Shepherd’s Pie (Picture below)

Wednesday — Quesadillas

Thursday Ribs, Barbecued Back

Friday Grilled Rack of Lamb

Saturday — Peameal Bacon


Upside Down Shepherd’s Pie

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