Weekly Meal Plan 20170909

We’ll keep things easy this week – we’re tired out from making those complicated new recipes last week! There’s just one new item this week – Spicy Grilled Pierogi – and it looks really easy.

If I make a roast chicken tomorrow, that should last us a couple of days. We’re going out for a fancy lunch on Tuesday, so we might not be too hungry at supper time. The Ginger Beef Stir Fry on Wednesday is one of my favourites, so I’ll make that. It’s a bit complicated, but worth the effort!

The Weekly Plan

Here is our plan for the week starting Sunday, Sep 10, 2017. There are links for some recipes, and others are made “freestyle”.

Sunday — Chicken, roasted

Monday — Chicken, roasted

Tuesday Pork Tenderloin in Lemon Sauce

Wednesday Ginger Beef Stir Fry

Thursday Spicy Grilled Pierogi (#20 in the list)

Friday — Peameal Bacon

Saturday — Burgers

How It Actually Went

Here’s what we actually had this week – we went way off of the plan! Things started well, with a roasted chicken on Sunday. It was really small though, so there weren’t enough leftovers for the next day. No problem though – Keith found all the ingredients, and made a wonderful Osso Buco on Monday.

We went out for a fancy lunch on Tuesday, so we just had bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches for supper. I also noticed that the fridge wasn’t keeping things cold enough, and that threw off our plans for the rest of the week. I spent lots of time trying to get the fridge working again — vacuuming the coils, defrosting (even though it’s frost free), reading online tips, etc. – so there wasn’t much time left for cooking. It’s working a bit better now, but we’re shopping for a new fridge anyway.

Sunday — Chicken, roasted

Monday Osso Buco

Tuesday — BLT Sandwiches

Wednesday — Pizza

Thursday — Swiss Chalet

Friday — Ham Steak

Saturday — Burgers


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