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Weekly Meal Plan 20170916

We’re still shopping for a new refrigerator, so the old one doesn’t have too much food in it. That’s enough to worry about, so I’ve kept the meal plan simple for this week. We haven’t had the Slow Cooker Beef … Continue reading

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Weekly Meal Plan 20170909

We’ll keep things easy this week – we’re tired out from making those complicated new recipes last week! There’s just one new item this week – Spicy Grilled Pierogi – and it looks really easy. If I make a roast … Continue reading

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2 Ingredient Frying Pan Bread

My sister sent me this recipe, and I was skeptical that it would turn out very well. But, I bought some yogurt and flour, and made a batch of this 2 ingredient frying pan bread. It was delicious! Here is … Continue reading

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Weekly Meal Plan 20170902

There are two new recipes for this week – White Cheddar and Bacon Risotto, and Steak Salad with Butternut Squash and Cranberries. I found them while flipping through magazines, and they looked great. Both recipes should take about 30 minutes … Continue reading

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Pork Chop Suey

We made this pork chop suey in June, and it was delicious. You can see the picture below – it wasn’t too pretty, but the taste made up for its appearance. The original recipe was in Company’s Coming Asian Cooking. … Continue reading

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Weekly Meal Plan 20170826

The weather has been cooler this week, after the storms blew through on Tuesday. Most days have been in the low 20s, which is perfect for me! So, for this week’s meal plan, I’ve picked a few recipes that are … Continue reading

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Weekly Meal Plan 20170819

This week, I picked recipes that we’ve enjoyed before, and we haven’t made some of them for quite a while. It’s been a year since we last had the Pork Chops Pizzaiola, and I love anything with Pizzaiola sauce! The … Continue reading

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