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Slow Cooker Beef Barley Stew

We’ve made this recipe a few times, and really enjoy it. It goes into the slow cooker in the morning, and your hearty, filling stew is ready at suppertime. The barley thickens the stew, so don’t add more than the … Continue reading

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Upside Down Shepherd’s Pie

We found this recipe on the Cooking Light website, and have enjoyed it a few times. Now it’s time to add it to our website, with the adjustments that we’ve made to the dish. To make a standard shepherd’s pie, … Continue reading

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Chili con Carne

Our favourite Chili con Carne recipe is from the Silver Palate Cookbook. We love the ingredients, but the recipe is called “Chili for a Crowd”, and it serves 30-40 people. So, here is our smaller version of the recipe, which … Continue reading

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Ginger Beef Stir Fry

This recipe is based one found in Taste of Home (March 2017). We really enjoyed this recipe, and it smelled wonderful while cooking. You can see a picture below – it doesn’t look too pretty, but it was delicious. The … Continue reading

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Simple Shepherd’s Pie

The last time Keith made Shepherd’s Pie, he had a hard time finding a recipe that he wanted to use. So, I promised to find one in our cookbook collection, and add it to the blog. This recipe is based … Continue reading

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Mexican Beef and Rice Skillet

We’ve had our variation on this One Skillet Mexican Beef and Rice dish a couple of times now, and really enjoyed it. So, I’m writing up our instructions, with 2 servings instead of 4, so it will be easier to … Continue reading

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Rolled Flank Steak With Spinach

Mr. D found a recipe for rolled flank steak, and decided to try it, despite the complicated instructions. He made several changes to the ingredients, and the results were delicious. It was quite an effort though, so he’s not rushing … Continue reading

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