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Sliced Baked Potatoes: Microwave

This potato recipe is quick and easy to make, and is absolutely delicious. Watch out though – it’s a bit high in fat, so don’t serve it too often! I like to make this for a dinner party, because it … Continue reading

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Healthy Oven Fries

The Chef made oven fries last night, and I decided that it’s finally time to put the recipe here on the blog. We have them about once a week, and they’re always great. Occasionally, the Chef uses a sweet potato, … Continue reading

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Salmon With Chilled Potato Salad

The Chef has made this recipe a couple of times, and it’s delicious. It’s based on a recipe from Real Simple magazine, and adapted to our taste. This week he bought some lovely salmon at Costco, and we had this … Continue reading

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Easy Perogies

Our son-in-law’s Mom makes wonderful Ukrainian perogies, but she lives far away, in Saskatchewan, so he isn’t able to eat her perogies too often. The only perogies I’ve made came from the frozen food section of the supermarket, so those … Continue reading

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Potato and Bacon Salad

Next weekend, we’re going to a pot luck dinner, and we might take this tasty potato salad. It’s delicious, even if it’s a little high in fat, thanks to the bacon. I like to make this with red potatoes, for … Continue reading

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Potato Salad With Bacon

This would be great for a summer dinner on the patio, or for a family gathering. The recipe is from the June issue of Real Simple magazine, and adapted to our tastes. For example, the original recipe calls for 1 … Continue reading

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Perogies and Cabbage Rolls

For supper tonight we enjoyed a feast of Ukrainian perogies and cabbage rolls, thanks to my friend Mary, and her mom. They made these for their Christmas Eve celebration, a couple of days ago, and we were lucky that there … Continue reading

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