Here are some of our favourite cookbooks:

foodmatterscookbook The Food Matters Cookbook, by Mark Bittman — Before we decided whether to buy this book, we got a copy from the library, and we took it for a test drive. The recipes looked good, with short ingredient lists, and simple instructions. There was a nice variety of recipes, and different than other cookbooks that we have. We tried a few recipes, including this warm Greek Pasta Salad. The results were great, and after trying that recipe, we returned the book to the library, and bought our own copy.

Canadian Living Everyday Favourites — We’ve found many tasty recipes in this cookbook. The recipes are simple, with large pictures that show you how the end result should look, and inspire you to try new things.

Ultimate 30 Minute Cookbook, by Jenni Fleetwood — This cookbook is beautiful, with a single recipe per page, clear instructions, and photographs of the cooking steps and the finished dish. The cookbook is divided into sections for 10 minute, 20 minute and 30 minute meals, and most recipes are simple, with just a short list of ingredients.

One of our latest cookbooks is Cooking Light, The Essential Dinner Tonight. It has some really delicious meal ideas, with lots of pictures to guide you. The recipes are clearly written and easy to follow, with the preparation steps for each meal.